What’s Froge?

Our Story begins on March 20th 2021 at 0400 Hours. An anonymous developer that goes by the name of “Vendetta” was inspired …


Dogecoin Surges 77% as Retail Fever Pitch Stretches Into Crypto.” -Bloomberg

Dogecoin Surges Over 500% In 24 Hours In Reddit-Driven Boom.” -Forbes

The c̶a̶t̶ … DOGE was out of the bag.

A massive MEMECOIN EPIDEMIC had begun. Another rocket went off (literally) when Elon Musk, the eccentric Tech billionaire started to show his support for DOGECOIN.

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By early March 2021, the Crypto Market was flooded by hundreds of different Animal Themed ‘Meme-Coins’. Some later went on to become Massive Market Movers such as SHIB.

March 20th 2021 @ 0400 Hours.

$FROGE was born. The Smart Contract was deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet. An automated function was hardcoded in to the contract that sent 0.1% of each transaction to the Cool Earth Foundation. This is what gave FROGE it’s Rainforest Preservation Identity. Within a month, the price had surged by approximately 125%. A lot changed during this period, the Anonymous Developer “Vendetta” renounced ownership of the Smart Contract and disappeared without a trace. With No Official Team, the coin was destined to fail but a small group of highly motivated community members took up the massive responsibility of growing FROGE in to a real project.

April 2021.

Most of FROGE’s success came from the efforts during this time period. The project whitepaper, dubbed “The Green Paper” was released along with a multi-step roadmap. The Froge Finance Foundation (FFF) was registered in the Dutch Chamber Of Commerce. This provided FROGE the legal entity status that did and will continue to help us in building partnerships with different organizations for years to come. Alongside all of this, Several successful outreach programs were carried out as-well which helped grow the community very rapidly.

May 2021.

During Mid May FROGE was trading at around $0.0008, a whopping 2200% increase since March. With an average 6 figure daily volume that reached as high as $2.5 Million on some days. Due to the Reflection Tokenomics, 1% of each transaction was split up and rewarded to all HODLers (Proportional to their FROGE holdings). By this point, the Donation Wallet for Cool Earth Foundation had accumulated over $500,000 worth of FROGE through the 0.1% tax on each trade.

Price & Volume Data

Road to Binance Smart Chain.

On May 15th, FROGE launched on Binance Smart Chain [BSC]. A Cross-Chain Bridge was created to enable swift token transfers between Ethereum [eFROGE] and Binance Smart Chain [bFROGE]. This was the next step in our roadmap, to reduce the cost of entry through lower transaction fees (gas) on BSC and allow even more people to join us in our movement.

The Lord Giveth, and The Lord Taketh away.

Earlier in the year, February 8th SEC filings showed that Tesla Inc. had purchased $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin and was willing to accept it as a method of payment. This caused the price of Bitcoin to Skyrocket and lead the path to BTC’s first 2021 ATH of $64,000 in April. This market sentiment was what allowed smaller projects like ours to thrive since March.

Tesla buys $1.5 billion in bitcoin, plans to accept it as payment.” -CNBC (February 8th 2021)

The entire crypto community was dealt a bad card very shortly after, Especially the FROGE Community. Elon Musk announced an End to Tesla Inc.’s acceptance of Bitcoin. This news was released at the same time as our project launched on BSC. An event that was supposed to bring the entire project to the next level was stopped dead in its tracks when Bitcoin Freefell 20% in a span of 24 hours.

Elon Musk says Tesla will stop accepting bitcoin for car purchases, citing environmental concerns.” -CNBC (May 12th 2021)

Tesla’s $BTC Pump N’ Dump

The Aftermath.


“50,000 People Used to Live Here. Now It’s a Ghost Town.” -COD 4: MW

As Bitcoin continued to bleed -50% over the next two months, Alt-coins tanked even more. Many of our outreach programs such as local billboards, influencers, and other promotions were rendered ineffective due to extreme panic across the entire market. Most Speculative Investors left at the first sign of trouble and we were left behind with the most potent and dedicated community members that weathered the storm in commitment to seeing this project live up to it’s true potential.

If you are still here with us today, You’re one of the strongest links. You recognize that we were able to raise over Half of a Million Dollars for rainforest preservation in less than 3 months. Our Community is stronger because of you. When our 1 Millionth Tree 🌲 is planted, it will be because of the commitments we’ve all made as a group. The Best is yet to come. Stay Tuned For the next update this week!

Semper Frogdelis 🐸

-Crypto Panda




The World's First Eco-DeFi. Built on Ethereum. (x.frogefinance.com)

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The World's First Eco-DeFi. Built on Ethereum. (x.frogefinance.com)

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